Monday, June 18, 2012


I am writing this post on my laptop from my bed, with my two little boys flanking me, watching a polar bear show.  It is 7:57 in the morning and I'm not hollering at anybody to get their shoes on, brush their teeth or PUT THAT TOY DOWN RIGHT NOW OR YOU WON'T SEE IT FOR TWO DAYS!!!

God Bless Summer Vacation.

So I'm a little behind on following up on my May goals.  Here's how I did:

  • Laundry:  HA!! HA!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!
  • Plan meals for the week: well, I paid enough attention to the calendar to make reasonable plans for meals; I didn't do a detailed plan weekly as I intended, but as we finished emptying the Big House at least I adhered to reasonable expectations.
  • Weekly Home Blessing: Um.  Not so much.
  • Empty the Big House: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!
  • Charlotte's playdate: Yes, she got one.  And I connected with the other mom so we'll be able to nurture the girls' friendship over the summer.
  • 20 minutes with my kids: Sometimes they got 20 minutes.  Sometimes they got 5.  They seem happy.
  • Duncan's Junie B. Jones: Yes, we read one from beginning to end.  
  • Blog goals: I met my goals, although I would have preferred two adult remixes and look forward to getting more regular with those in July.
  • Novel: Not a lot of writing, but I did get some more planning on the plot done and feel that the story plan is stronger than it was
  • WOM Anthology piece: Was tabled till this week, I need to get working
  • WOM membership: Of course I took care of that, it was visible to others

Takeaway:  Laundry notwithstanding, the goal planning made a huge difference in my focus and ability to get things done. My main goals for the first weeks of summer vacation are:
  • Catch up on the laundry (no, really, this time it's going to happen)
  • Finish the anthology piece
  • Maintain a regular blogging schedule even with the kids home
  • Clear the chaos of the final move-in
  • Recharge with my kids and establish some routines and expectations for the vacation so it's enjoyable for the entire family
Hoping for better results at the end of June than I enjoyed in May!

Parting thoughts:  
"Do polar bears giggle?" (courtesy 6 yo Duncan)

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  1. Well done, Cindy, sounds like you are getting really organised. Setting goals is so crucial yet I keep forgetting to do it. Thanks for reminder. Good luck with your blogging schedule and enjoy the holidays. Looking forwarding to reading your Anthology piece. I am still panicking on mine!