Thursday, May 10, 2012

Guest Post: Charlotte's Wardrobe Remix

Cindy's Note:  My first guest blogger! Charlotte is my 9 year old daughter.  She has been my go-to wardrobe consultant since she could talk, so for about 8 years.  For our first wardrobe remix, she chose a gray & white striped ruffled t-shirt dress from Old Navy, and then... just dove into her wardrobe.  Here is what she came up with.

The reason that I chose that dress was because I hardly ever wear it and it would be fair to pick clothes that are not from Justice. I picked it because even in the spring and summer it is usually very chilly in Northern California.

This is the dress:

By itself I do not think it looks very cute.  So I put things with it.

I started with...

I took this dress and added a miniskirt and leggings and called it an outfit.  I thought this looked pretty cool, so I kept experimenting.

Another outfit I did is:

This one is my favorite one.  It has a mixture of teenagerish clothes and regular clothes.  I was really surprised to find out that it looked good together.  For school I'll have to wear leggings with it for PE but I'll like it anyways.

I picked this outfit because I like how the dress, the jeans, the sweater, and the shoes go together.  I think mixing prints with stripes looks really cute together.  My Gran gave me this sweater as a Christmas present.

I like this outfit because it feels kind of earthy because of the scarf and the boots.  I think I would probably wear this outfit in the fall and spring because those are the coldest seasons in Northern California.

I like these two outfits because I like how the plaid goes with the stripes, and I like how the shoes go with the entire outfit. I would probably wear this outfit if I were going to the park or a birthday party and doing messy things because it kind of looks like it was meant to get dirty.

I would probably wear this outfit on a typical Northern California day because sometimes it is warm and sometimes it is cold,  and this outfit is perfect for warm and cold weather.  The poncho is good for cold, but then I can take it off and the dress is good for warm.

I hope you liked this blog post! I had fun doing it, and I hope you take some of these ideas and use them in your own closet.

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