Monday, October 26, 2009

Write about "what goes without saying"

What goes without saying... that could go two ways.  I suppose that the Writer's Book of Days intends me to write about our unspoken assumptions.  But perhaps in the age of the blogosphere, to reference the media's current obsessively used term, it is more pertinent to consider what goes unsaid.  The stories that we tell only partially.

How does one approach a story in which only a certain set of facts pertinent to one facet of a vast situation are shared?  And then the reaction that counters it, both from strangers interacting.  It should be fictionalized and related that way.  But it would be a tremendously complex presentation.  Oh...  Do people approach that sort of a relationship with honest goodwill, or prurient interest?  There is a story there.

Two threads right now are especially interesting: one is the discussion about SAHMs on one income, and how here especially (meaning in Southern Marin) there is a specific sense of how much is enough that seems out of sync with other parts of the country.  The other thread is a discussion of how much fathers participate in children's lives and activities, what help mothers expect and get from their partners, and how families see others who function differently.  There is a story in these threads, but how do you write it?  Hmmm...

What goes without saying is that when one woman says "My husband doesn't help or engage at all but I love him anyway even though he makes me cry every day" and then another says "How can you love that inconsiderate, uncaring, hurtful boor?" there is a gap of information between those two women.  What does the first woman's husband do to preserve her love for him?  What does the other woman's husband do differently?  What gives her the right to call the first woman's husband and feelings for him out like that?  What is she covering up in her own family that she feels the need to speak up that way?  This is meaty.

So three days in and I may have found a story.  Seems a little easy... perhaps I have some slight ability here?  And then how do I figure out how to make the time for it?  Like Nicole Cabrera, I suppose, I have to schedule it and not be available for anything else then.  There is a lot to sort out, and I'm new at these things.  Hmmm... something to think about. 

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